A Fun Contest We Lost....

This year I have had the awesome fortune of working with a co-producer for a lot of the projects that I have going. My co-producer's name is Sam Welch, and he's one of the most talented people I have ever had the fortune of working with. Every time we sit down to make music he's challenging me to hear new things, coming up with something creative and crazy, or just making me laugh, and so I am pleased to announce a new little group we formed. We call our little duo the "Blacktop Heroes", and recently we had a chance to work on an exclusive little release that we did for a competition that our favorite sample company puts on annually: The Holiday Producer Contest!

And so over the course of two fun packed nights we came up with a little ditty to submit, and even though we didnt win, we had a hell of a time! So if you have a second check it out!