Its a Big Bad Week at It.Me.Music

CCM Big Band Recording Session .jpg

As long as I have been a musician, Big Band music has been a part of me! So I was really excited when I got the call to work with the CCM Jazz Orchestra on their upcoming release for several arrangements of Rolling Stones songs, but in a big band setting. My teacher and, now that im graduated, friend Kim Pensyl was there helping me the whole way to make sure the recording was as great as it could possibly be, and the whole 4 days was an outstanding experience. Im going to be using the music to submit for Downbeat Magazines annual student awards under the "Best Studio Album Recording" section, and since all of the recordings were due on the 31st of December, there was a quite a crunch to get this one in before the end of the year. 

This recording was especially challenging due to the limited nature of the setup, with 17 musicians to record, and only 16 inputs for microphones, careful choices were made in order to get the best with what we had. The whole record was recorded at the University of Cincinnati's 2150 studios, and took place over 4 exhausting days. We still have some vocal overdubs to go back and grab (the vocalist was unable to attend the session), but having gone through already and mixed the 3 instrumentals from the album, I can happily say that it turned out great despite any limitations. 

My job is always easier when I'm recording ridiculously talented musicians on beautiful instruments (the steinway in 2150 is hard to mess up....). I had an excellent time recording, and be on the lookout for an official announcement of the release! I may come back and update this post with some overdub and session pictures, but in the meantime this one is all I have!