Anna Kline releases new Music

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I met Anna Kline in 2015 and it was immediately apparent to me just how talented she was. While the commercial music program was full of talented musicians, theres no question that Anna Kline had something special. Her unique voice, passionate songwriting, and expressive lyrics really grabbed my attention. So I approached her to work on a project of only her music, all originals, all her stuff, however she wanted to do it, lets get it done. And after a year or more of work, I am really excited to say, the wait is finally over. Anna Kline's debut EP has arrived. The amount of passion and time put into this album really mean that it will forever have a special place in my heart. Throughout the process of working on this album I am pleased to say that I found a friend that I will have for life in Anna Kline, and there is nothing like working on someones original music to bring people together. 

Each of the 4 songs was written while Anna Kline and I were in school at the University of Cincinnati, written about the intimate going's on of her relationships, and the world, this album while short is very sweet. If you have a second please go pick a copy up either in the store here, or anywhere where music is sold!