Start of the Year Update

It Me Website Test 02.jpg

Hey there, welcome to the somewhat irregular update of It.Me.Music. A couple of weeks I posted that I would be working on redesigning the It.Me.Music and presence. Happy to say that that process is now completed. This picture above was the OG cover page for It.Me.Music, and as you can see theres a bit of changes. Ive even moved some of the stuff in Grandma's House (that's what the studio is called), New Year- New Gear, right? 

In addition I have started taking a bunch of pictures, finding that new and fun creative outlet which can be a break from music, all of those get posted to the It.Me.Music Instagram. I dont actively use any of my other social media stuff, so if you wanted to go over there and drop a like, that might be a great to stay connected! 

Thanks again for reading, reporting back soon with a bit more new stuff! 

James Tillman