A New Clever Crazes Album is in the Works

Well that title seems to be pretty self explanatory. But I was contacted by the wonderful team at Clever Crazes for Kids to once again start an album of all original music for them to use for the games on their website. This time It.Me.Music will not only be producing the album, but contributing as a writer and producer with It.Me.Music's own Anna Kline. A lot of work yet to be done, writing, producing, recording, and mixing 10 ORIGINAL songs is a time intensive process, but Im very excited to get started with the Team at Clever Crazes again, they have been like a family to me, and working with them is nothing short of excellent. 

If you havent seen any of the music we did with them last time you can find on youtube, or in this video on the right! I cant believe its been 6 months since the release of the first one, but this one is going to be a bit of a change! Were attacking some more modern music and trying to find new genres that will be interesting and current. Also the theme for the album will be Positivity, and in light of the current political climate and whats going on we are gonna make sure that the songs are all about being a great person.