Clever Crazes' Self Titled Debut Album

At the beginning of 2016 I was approached by the Dean of CCM Peter Landgren to meet with a close friend of his, and the CEO of a non-profit in Cincinnati Dianne Dunkelman. Dianne had a crazy idea, and she wanted to find the right person to bring her dreams to life. 

Her Non-Profit Clever Crazes for Kids was looking for some music that they could use for some new games, and to give each world in their universe a unique identity. After deciding an album was the route to go I assembled a team of massively talented people, including all my friends from the Media to bring 10 original and new songs to life. Over the course of the next year my team and I finished writing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering the 10 original songs to see the release of the "Clever Crazes House Band's" debut album. Each of the 10 worlds has a theme written into its song, which is a unique and fun style chosen by the team at Clever Crazes. This project was outrageously challenging and fun, and now I am happy to announce that the Clever Crazes Album is available wherever you stream music, and for free download on their website (as well as Bandcamp and Soundcloud!)  

I have a ton of people who made this possible, without these guys none of what I do would be possible! 
Written By: Ryan Fine
Produced By: It.Me.Music & Ryan Fine
Recorded & Mixed @ Audio Grotto by Matt Hueneman
Mastered by It.Me.Music

MUSICIANS: Jonn Bostwick, Noah Simionides, Brad Meyers, Ryan Fine, James Tillman, Ander Peterson, Curtis Holtgrefe, Doug Sutton, Vidita Kanniks, Brad Moore, and Terrance Reynolds.