Us, Today now releasing with It.Me.Music!

Us, Today a dark setup

Im really excited to announce that the outstanding band Us, Today has decided to release their upcoming full length album with It.Me.Music. 

Us, Today is an instrumental trio from Cincinnati that fits squarely into exactly 0 genres, but could be explained as Alternative music. The first single "What is Time Now. Goodmorning?" from their upcoming album "Computant" will be available everywhere you get you normally get your music including: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else! 

Not only is Us, Today a group of really outstanding musicians, but they are a really cool trio of great people, and their music is something I am really excited to bring to the It.Me.Music family. Make sure you check out their last album Tenenemies below! 

There will definitely be more too look forward to from Us, Today and It.Me.Music very soon! 




a.k.a It.Me.Music