A Week In France with Greg Wells

Group Picture.jpg

This past week I was lucky enough to spend some time in France with Songwriter, Producer, Musician, Mixer, and altogether extraordinary guy Greg Wells. Over the course of the week we spent a lot of time with Greg working on a song from the IMMENSELY talented Keala Settle's upcoming album, as well as working with him on things we brought to show. It was inspiring to watch someone who works at such a high level conduct himself in the studio, Greg is truly the "One man band" that so many people have said he is. His passion for music, learning, and kindness, was a refreshing change of scenery, and to be honest so was the picturesque Studio La Fabrique. 

All that being said, I think the most unexpected surprise for me through the week were the friendships I was lucky to form with so many amazingly talented people from around the globe. From Australia to Norway, the attendees at this seminar were an outstandingly diverse community of uniquely talented producers, songwriters, mixing & recording engineers, and some of the kindest people I have ever met from around the globe. When the week set off I had no idea that these relationships would end up being the un-sung hero of the week I spent at Mix with the Masters, but here we are, and I can properly say I have learned so much from them as well. 

If you ever have the chance to attend a Seminar with Mix with the Masters, I strongly advise you do so. As producers, songwriters, and engineers, sometimes we get trapped inside of our bubble, working day in and day out and forgetting that the most important parts of music are communication and community. Opportunities like this let us see whats above water, it forces you to stop, reset, and re-think, and it was the hard reset I needed in the middle of the mountain of work that we all take on as creatives. Im so excited to take what I have learned with Greg, and what Ive learned from all the talented people at MWTM, and bring it back here to the states and apply it to the music I work on everyday. 

For my first time traveling outside of the country, especially alone, this was an experience that opened up my eyes to just how small my world really is. Being the size I am (large plus a bit), I have never been comfortable with travel, but having had the opportunity to (minimally) see the culture as I did, I am really excited to learn, to grow, and to not shy away from further opportunities to learn about the world. Below are some pictures from the trip, it was an outstanding week, and the pictures will do it no justice, but its the best I can do under the circumstances.