Us, Today's "Computant" Available Everywhere!


After 3 years of touring the midwest, playing from Dallas to Columbus, Us, Today is rocking into 2018 with the release of their new record "Computant". This is Us, Today's 3rd full length record featuring the insane talents of: Jeff Mellott on Drums, Kristin Agee on Vibraphone and various keyed instruments, and Joel Griggs on Guitar and Synthesizer. This unique blend of instruments creates a sound unlike anything you've ever heard, from Heavy rhythmically challenging sections into looping melodies that will leave you humming. "Computant" was inspired when Us, Today received a sea of zany, whacky, and downright confusing messages and comments from people mistaking this small Cincinnati Alternative band for the much larger newspaper USA Today. Each song draws unique inspiration from some very strange comment, and each one has been interpreted, stretched, and molded into some high energy instrumental music. Get the album now wherever you get your music, and be sure to follow Us, Today as they continue to challenge instrumental music!