Clever Crazes House Band

Clever Crazes House Band


10 Original Songs, in 10 separate genres, each individually related to one of the 10 educational worlds brought to you by the outstanding Clever Crazes House Band. This CD had been made available completely free of charge, yes thats right COMPLETELY FREE, by the outstandingly generous Clever Crazes for Kids. You can learn more about Clever Crazes for Kids and their outstanding free website where kids can have fun, learn, and earn prizes by clicking HERE.

Track listing:

  1. I Have the Right
  2. Keep the Blue Planet Green
  3. Money is Your Friend
  4. Smart, Strong, Cool
  5. Dancing on a Wave
  6. Jump Up
  7. Do What Makes You Smile
  8. Time Machine
  9. So Much Fun
  10. How Things Work
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As a part of this album It.Me.Music also produced 10 music videos, one for each of the songs, that you can go and see right here, or on YouTube by clicking HERE.