Live @ Cohen 2015 - The Media

Live @ Cohen 2015 - The Media


Live @ Cohen 2015 was a collaborative project of 8 original songs written by students from the University of Cincinnati and arranged in collaboration with The Media. Each of the 8 songs was recorded over the course of a week at the University of Cincinnati's College Conservatory of Music in the Cohen Family Studio Theatre. Covering a seriously diverse set of Genre's, but centered around Jazz, this CD is a real glimpse into original student music and the talent at the UC's CCM. 

Track Listing: 

  1. Pity (feat. Ryan Fine) 
  2. Cutting Edge (feat. Michael Dudley)
  3. Monolith (feat. Bill Piyatut)
  4. Le Matin (feat. Vidita Kanniks)
  5. Apollo Todd (feat. Jeremy Myint) 
  6. Miles to Go (feat. Emily Grace Jordan) 
  7. The Passage (feat. Josh Kline) 
  8. Flying High (feat. Lea Verlin) 
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Each of the 8 songs from Live @ Cohen 2015 was recorded and filmed in front of close friends of The Media over the course of a week in Cohen Family Studio Theatre. You can see the videos of the recordings by clicking HERE or by viewing them in the gallery below.