The Media 

The Media is a rotating group of musicians founded in 2013 by James Tillman. The Media is a huge group with a full horn who backs up a constantly rotating lead artist. Donned in the classic back and white with colorful high tops, the 10 piece plays in a serious variety of styles from Pop to Jazz and everything in between.

In 2017 The Media the University of Cincinnati and went separate ways.

Hall of Fame:

James Tillman (Trpt.), Noah Simionides (Bass), Ryan Fine (Keys/Vox), Jonn Bostwick (Drums), CJ Eliasen (Drums), Doug Sutton (Percussion), Andy Smith (Keys), Curtis Holtgrefe (Sax), Kyle Kidwell (Sax), Zach Granger (Trombone), Zach Paulus (Trpt.), George Drewyor (Keys), Will Huber (Guitar), Brad Meyers (Guitar), Rob Kokochak (Guitar), Aaron Todhal (Trpt.).